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Hi hello, I’m Chels and I’m here to be a companion in your mental, energetic and spiritual healing. My purpose in life is to help others find and relate to the truest versions of themselves. I won’t be throwing crystals and meditation at you (Though that does sound kind of fun), I have been studying Mental health for the past 9 Years and hold a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and am currently completing my Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I believe that you are the director of your own life and I want to help support you to design a life that makes you feel as great as you can and able to cope with the inevitable twists and turns that happen with each new chapter of yourself. I believe that this begins with a deep knowing of yourself, your relationships and how you came to be the person you are today.

Here you will find signature programs where we can have SO MUCH fun working together! Though facing ourselves can be challenging, I don’t believe that the process can’t be fun and playful as well. If you’d like to work with me you can apply to my latest program Arrive!


I send out emails once a fortnight or when I have new offerings!

Your companion in mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

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