Finding Clarity was born out of my passion and years studying Mental Health and my more recent exploration of Spirituality. I want use my skills to help guide and empower others to find their clarity. 

I'm a 27 year old mum of 2 (ages 2 &4) and partner to an amazing man. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology and recently completed my fourth year Psychology Thesis. The key themes of my project were mindfulness and self compassion, specifically evaluting a progam designed for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations. I am currently completing my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy with a larger array of services avaible in 2022. 

Through my experience I have found at the core of many issues we face throughout our lives is a lack of understanding about yourself. I recognise that we are all complex beings who have lead lives full of varied experiences and often truama before coming to see a mental health practitioner or therapist. My aim is to create a safe and judgement free space where we can work as a team. I hold my clients as the experts in their own lives, where my role is a guiding light to help clear the noise. 

Energetic Therapy - Reiki
November 2020 I received my level two reiki attunement, what a magical day! I am absolutely in awe of how the energetic body functions and connects with everything around it. Connecting with my energetic body has been a major aspect of my own personal healing journey. 

I would like to acknowledge the honour I feel in being able to utilise and learn about these practices which originate from Japan from Dr. Mikao Usui and other energetic aspects such as working with Chakras which orginate from Tibeten Tantric Traditions. 

Tarot & Oracle Reading
My journey began reading oracle and tarot cards for myself, family and friends and then expanded to reading for clients. I utilise my skills in psychology and reiki to deliver ethical and trauma sensitive readings that give you heart centred guidance. 

I would like to acknowledge the traditionial custodians and owners of the land on which I operate, the Yorta Yorta people. I acknowledge elders past, present and emerging. I recognise the sovereignity and beauty of their interconnectedness of self and land. I respect their ancient connection to spirits. I am ready to be wrong, willing to listen, and here to stand by all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 

Little Letters

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Chelsea Luxford