"You are the best guiding compass for your own healing"

I use a mixture of modalitiies such as: 

- Mindfulness 
- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

In addition, I practice with a person-centred & trauma-sensitive approach. My aim as a therapist is not to dictate to you how your life should look. Rather, I recognise that you are the director of your own life and I act as I guiding light to assist you in feeling more balanced, fulfilled, and powerful. Often in our lives we can feel overwhelmed, burnt out, hurt, misunderstood, and forgotten. I highly value my ability to create a safe and nurturing space for you, where you can off-load anything that you need to. 

We then work together through our sessions to provide you with simple tools, actions, and strategies that you can continue to use far beyond our time together. As I work more in the mental health sphere I am finding that many (not all) issues we face in modern society are impacted by a disconnect between both ourselves and the world that we live in. 

What will a session look like? 

Firstly, if you are even considering booking a session with me or another therapist I want to acknowledge and congratulate you. Sometimes this vital step goes too unnoticed and I see how big of a step you are taking towards helping yourself. 

Our first session will involve us getting to know each other - mostly me getting to know you. You are welcome to share as little or as much as you would like to. The information shared in the first session allows me to begin formulating a unique treatment plan for you. We work together as a team to clearly set out your goals and expectations of me and yourself. 

We will discuss informed consent and confidentiality in addition to how many sessions we feel will work best for you. 

I am currently completing my Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the price per session is $50 to reflect this. I adhere to the code of ethics set out by APS and enforced by APHRA that psychologists follow. 

3% of profits of all readings for each month will be donated to Indigenous Allied Health Australia https://iaha.com.au/Schedule Appointment
Chelsea Luxford