General readings are great for an overview and general guidance. There are also a range of various spreads that can be done such as Situation, Challange, Guidance, Focus & Outcome and Past, Present, Future, Reason & Potential. 

You have the choice of Tarot, Oracle or a mxixture of both. You also have the option of a zoom call (this can be recorded for future reference), a personalised letter or for those within reasonable distance in the Goulburn Valley I am more than happy to organise an in person reading! Please leave notes when booking as to what you would prefer. 

All personalised letters will be received within 3-4 business days, though I do aim for 24 hours. 

Oracle cards are much gentler and give a more general guidance. In comparison the Tarot is much more in depth and specific, often bringing up specific situations or people. Each have their own value and I don't view as one being more superior.

For a more in depth option or if you have a specific question, I invite you to look at the Discover yourself option. 

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