You can be evolving and healing and also ENJOY your life.

Are you ready to let joy and vibrancy back in?

You’re allowed to feel joy, even if you feel pain. You are more than your trauma and experiences. You are a whole person who can experience a vast array of emotions - including unhindered joy.

I invite you into FROLIC. You who is tired of spiritual jargon, rules and regulations.

You, who wants to feel L I B E R A T E D in their life.

You, who has been conditioned to believe that to ‘heal’ you must constantly and consistently tap into your pain.

Frolic is not toxic positivity, Frolic is a space for you to show up and shed yet more layers of yourself that are not serving you, bringing you closer to who you really are.

Frolic is here to cut through the idea that we have to be anything other than ourselves, you are enough.

Babe, I see you.

I really do, I feel it. The exhaustion of being in your shadow, breaking down layers of societal conditioning, reparenting yourself, healing generational traumas, getting ‘the diagnosis’. The shifting, changing, stretching, growing, rock-bottoms and the tears.

What if I told you there IS another way. What if I told you to take off that heavy coat you have been carrying and let the sun kiss every part of you. You can be healing and still be in joy.

Who is Frolic for?

Frolic is for ANY woman or non-binary person who is lacking in joy, zest and freedom.

Frolic is for you who is ready to:

~ Get your hands dirty (I know you’ve already been there and done that), and strip back the layers. Real and Raw here baby!

~ Get in touch with your deeper vulnerabilities and look at new soothing and coping strategies for those parts that feel stuck AND moving towards acceptance that some parts of yourself do not N E E D T O B E F I X E D.

~ Shedding old stories, beliefs and narratives of yourself. And this doesn’t mean those one’s that you have already moved through. We’re going to look through the lens of healing fatigue and look at breaking down any boxes you have put yourself into.

~ Clearing up your energetic leaks. It’s time to call back your P O W E R and reclaim your energy.

~ Find balance in the ebb and flow that is life. We are never going to achieve a perfect balance, Frolic is also not here for perfectionism. We want to build a life that has room for us to grow and move.

~ Is ready to PLAY. When was the last time you felt that child-like excitement? We are going to work towards opening up to joy, fun and play through tapping into our inner child and what you LOVE but may be lacking.

What is included?

~ A group of 10 supportive and energetic women and non-binary people.

~ x6 Fortnightly Group Calls via Zoom.

~ X6 Guest speakers who embody the energy of frolic.

~ A handpicked gift box delivered to you to enhance your frolic experience. (Including a signature Frolic essential oil roller by The Alternative Mumma X Chels)

~ 3 months of content in an invitational play-book.

~ A google drive to rewatch and access recordings of sessions.

~ A 45 minute session with me to lay out your intentions for your time within Frolic.

~ Option for additional monthly 1:1 support from Chels

~ A Safe and sacred online sharing space throughout the duration of Frolic.

~ Access to support from skilled facilitator Chels (Me 💁🏻‍♀️)

A hand picked gift from me to you X

I am so fucking excited to be gift giving for this immersion!!!

I have curated a special goodie bag for you including:

~ A signature FROLIC essential oil roller ball crafter by The Alternative Mumma.

~ A crystal kit to elicit joy and grounding from The simple collection.

~ Incense from Holy Smokes.

~ A surprise 😉

~ Notebook to record any musings from Frolic.

The EPIC Line Up!


Group Call - Real and Raw

Guest Speaker

Group Call - Vulnerability

Guest Speaker - Jade Hayeck


Group Call - Shedding

Guest Speaker

Group Call - Clearing

Guest Speaker - Amy (Designing Her Life)


Group Call - Balance

Guest Speaker - Tessa Lloyd

Group Call - Play

James Parr


When do we start?

Our first group call will be at 10am on Sunday the 31st of October.

How often are group calls?

There will be 2 group calls per month over the 3 months.

What if I miss a call?

All sessions will be recorded with lifetime access!

What is the investment?

The energetic exchange for 9 years of mental health training and ya girls FIRE energy is 888. However, early bird applications will be able to access a price of 666. Weekly payment plans are also warmly welcomed.

I’m not sure about being in a group.

During our 1:1 session we explore any concerns you may have and come up with a unique plan for you to feel super comfortable and apart of the group.

I’m ready! How do I apply?

Your companion in mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

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