“Coming home never made sense until I met you” ~ Loony (Artist)

Are you ready to Arrive home to yourself?

Ohhhh, I am so excited to have you here. Arrive is designed to offer you a supportive and encouraging space to get really cosy with yourself. Imagine knocking on the door, having yourself open it wide and invite you in - what would you do?

Through this 10 week group immersion, we will gently explore some of the barriers that are stopping you from meeting ourselves fully. As a group of 10 (plus me - Chels) we will have space for open discussion (See program

Who is Arrive For?

There is no set life journey that is “more suitable” for Arrive, whether you have been consciously journeying through your life for sometime or are relatively new to all of the sexy terms in the wellness space such as “authenticity” “ego” and “growth” - Arrive is here to provide a supportive and gentle container to support a deeper awareness of yourself.

Arrive is for you if :

~ You’re ready to dive into deeper parts of yourself

~ You like being apart of a group and supporting others

~ You enjoy meditating, even if you don’t have a regular practice

~ You enjoy thought provoking conversations

~ You enjoy learning and development

~ You are able to listen to others

~ You a respectful of all people no matter their age, size, gender, religion, race, ability or sexuality.

~ You are ready to get to know yourself

The Details

Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to know:

Gates open on Sunday the 4th of July

Calls will be Sunday evenings at 7pm - 8pm to inspire you for the rest of your week

There are 10 places in the program

Those who register to Arrive will receive premium access (and a discount) on sister programs released throughout 2021.

Investment is 222 or 25 per week

Once I receive your application (yay!) I will send you an email to confirm your place and make payment.

You will receive your onboarding email 1 week before we commence.

*all places are subject to availability at time of form submission

Program Outline


Week One - Opening ceremony


Knocking on the door meditation

Reiki healing included in all meditations


Week Two

What matters to me?

Meditation: Walking the forest of myself


Week Three

Am I privileged?

Meditation: Hosted by Allira Potter


Week Four

The power of my voice

Meditation: Throat Chakra


Week Five

My ideal day - designing your life

Meditation: Living my ideal day

08/08 - Break week


Week Six

What do I need in my life to feel safe and supported?

Meditation: The cocoon


Week Seven

Topic: Inner seasons

Meditation: Hosted by Sophie French


Week Eight

Banishing perfection - living in the moment

Meditation: Mindfulness


Week Nine

What does ‘growth’ mean to me?

Meditation: Planting the seeds.


Week Ten

Topic: Closing ceremony & Reflection

Meditation: Knocking on the door meditation - Version 2


What if I don’t really meditate or I’m not good at it?

You don’t have to be a “perfect meditator” - the meditations are designed to allow you time to really connect with yourself and your inner world - however that looks for you. You aren’t here to be graded and improve on your meditation practice, you’re showing up for yourself in a supportive and dedicated space.

I don’t like homework, is there any?

No, there is no set work for this program. The “work” that you do is completely up to you, you will receive a lovely workbook with outlines of the meditation, topics that will be discussed and some journal prompts that you can do if you choose.

I’ve never had reiki, will it really work online?

Reiki is the process of working with life force energy. It is not dangerous or harmful, I like to think of it as a massage for your energetic field. I am a level 2 reiki practitioner and there is a specific symbol used to travel over distance and time. I have added Reiki into the meditations so that I am able to add an extra layer of support to you as you move through this process.

Hi hello! I’m Chels

Because it’s always nice to know who you’re putting your faith into, here is a little of who I am:

My purpose in life is to help others recognise and find their truest selves. This is a complex task which can certainly be challenging, though where appropriate I like to inject a sense of play and fun into the process. The pillars of my practice are:

~ Clients are the directors of their lives, I am but a stepping stone in their lives journey and I am here to offer my skills and support.

~ Trauma sensitivity is so crucial to me. I practice this through the way that I communicate, the sound and scents that I use and my language choices.

~ There are no quick fixes. There can be “quick steps”, but I’m all about the sustainable long lasting changes.

~ I am always learning. I will never stop acquiring and seeking new strategies, information and skills.

Currently I am completing my Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I take an integrative approach utilising theories and principles from Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Basically that means that I base my therapeutic strategies on the client, not the mode of therapy.

Another key aspect of my life is that I am a mother of two (aged 3 & 5), the journey of motherhood as completely changed the way that I exist in the world and I am so honoured to have the family that I do. What I have taken from motherhood and added to my business is flexibility and patience. I don’t like the work that I do to be stagnent and directed by me, I want it to mould to you and I am so ready to sit with you and take our time.


I send out emails every fortnight and when new delicious offerings are ready for you. Sign up below for some goodies!

Your companion in mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

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